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You can expect quality material for each age group, some of which has been published by the BBC and the educational periodical, Junior Education.

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Every play and song on this site has been written by Robert specifically for young people to perform. All of them are suitable for schools, drama classes and young theatre groups...


I have been writing plays for children to perform for over thirty years. I thought I had come to the end of that particular chapter in my life but then I got an email from a lady in Australia. Did I have a play about King Arthur? I said I didn’t but I could possibly provide one. Ah, but could I write it in a week – bit of rush job you see. Well I almost did!

I have just finished it. Donna wanted an hour long play for a smallish class of 10 year olds and she wanted it quickly. She wasn’t bothered about music so I didn’t have to worry about that but there are so many stories and characters in the Arthurian legend that it was a bit daunting. In the end I decided to concentrate on the early part of his life including the sword in the stone and trouble from Morgana. My customer loved it. Here are some of her emails:-


Hi Robert
Oh my goodness!!!! I am so happy!! Thank you so so so so much. This is more than enough to begin with. I just love the part where Merlin places the sword in the stone. You wouldn’t believe how many stupid scripts I've read and finally, this one is just perfect for my class.


I must say though that we've begun the term with your play and the children love it. They've found the humour in it and they’re really enjoying it.


The beginning part where the servant stumbles over Merlin's name is very funny and everyone laughs every time they say their lines. You really get kids humour!!!!


You can have a look at a sample of the play by clicking Arthur

If Arthur is not what you are looking for I’ve written plays about real Victorians, a new version of Joseph, or other British legends such as Robin Hood or St George.

If you haven’t got the time or resources for a play, but would like to give your children a chance to perform, have a look at my Assembly ideas.

If what you want is not listed here, it is always worth emailing me

If you want a 30 to 45 minute drama with songs click on ‘plays’

If you want a shorter presentation, click on ‘assemblies’

I can also offer some brilliant songs available to accompany such tales as Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other classic children's tales.